Financing solutions
to help you launch your digital marketing strategy

Financing through BJMédia

We firmly believe that a web strategy is an investment that will increase your revenue, and not an expenditure. Because of this, BJMédia offers accessible financing to entrepreneurs that want to improve their business by implementing digital solutions. Over the last several years, we’ve supported businesses that needed to finance their website or digital marketing strategy.

How does it work?

For websites, BJMédia requires an initial deposit of 25 to 33% of the site’s total value, with the possibility of paying over a few months, interest free. For digital marketing strategies, we have monthly payment plans that span anywhere from 3 to 24 months. Payments can be made by cheque, money transfer, pre-authorized account debiting, Visa, Mastercard or Amex.

BDC loans

If your business has been established in Canada for over 2 years, and you have a good credit record, you might be eligible for a digital marketing strategy loan, through the Business Development Bank of Canada. Simply fill out the online request and if approved, financing is usually available within 48 hours, at very good interest rates.

Other financing solutions

If you’re launching an innovative business, you may want to try crowdfunding. Several platforms help you launch a fund-raising campaign, with pre-established guidelines. If you have a clever idea, oftentimes, the general public will be on board to help kick-start your project. Some businesses have had substantial success with this method.

Several grants and governments programs are also available for entrepreneurs. It’s always a good idea to see if your project is eligible for this type of support.

And finally, our owner loves entrepreneurs and is a big fan of unique business solutions. If you have an original proposition, he might consider a partnership, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Need financing
to launch your digital marketing strategy?