Goal: be listed among the top three results for searches within your area

A potential customer is searching on his phone for a service that you provide… Will he find you?

To survive and thrive in business, the answer must be «Yes» and here’s how to make that happen.


The fundamentals of local referencing: «get on the map»

People used to browse local listings and newspapers in search of dentists, plumbers, lawyers and so many other local services. This is a thing of the past. Nowadays, most folks go straight to Google, whether it’s through their smartphone or desktop computer. Without even having to tell Google in what area you’d like your service, it easily captures your positioning and pinpoints local businesses that correspond to your location. This is called geolocating and changes everything, if you’re a local business.

Most people will click on the suggestions that Google lists right under the map. This makes having a Google My Business listing vital to your business’s visibility. Previously called a Google Maps listing, it’s a real opportunity to be seen by potential customers that are searching for your products and services, for a given area.


Keep your reputation sparkling clean

It used to be common knowledge that a disgruntled customer would tell 10 people, while his satisfied equivalent would only tell two… While this apparently used to be the norm, and unhappy customers are still more prone to expressing their feelings, nowadays both happy and disappointed customers can reach thousands of people by posting a review. Your local positioning and marketing power will be affected by the amount and the quality of the reviews your business receives online. Managing your online reputation is important and can have a significant impact on your overall success.

Your online reputation also depends on how precise and widespread your business information appears online. Think of it this way: if your information doesn’t match everywhere, search engines can’t detect that it’s the same business being mentioned over and over again. You seem less popular and consequently, less relevant. We can help you verify, correct and maintain proper visibility that works.


Website optimization

Local SEO also means optimizing your website. A well-designed website will help you appear in relevant search results, entice visitors, and inspire action, that ultimately convert them into customers. Certain elements must be put into place if you want your website to do well with local searches. Our team knows what to do, and how to make it work.

Whether you want your first business website, or need to optimize an existing site, we can handle everything from start to finish. We’ll ask you to tell us about your business and to define your goals, but after that we’ll run with the ball. Our team will put optimization techniques into place and work on content that will help pull your site up the Google search results ladder, making you more competitive online.

Why choose BJMédia for your
local SEO strategy?


    We’ve been helping SMBs reach local customers for over 25 years, and though the main goal remains the same, we’ve evolved alongside our business clients and always remain a step ahead of recent marketing trends. We were pioneers for local referencing, and continue to adapt our tools and strategies in order to perform within new social and technological changes.


    With us, your business will enjoy local online visibility, following best practices that provide measurable results. Our packages are designed so they can align with your company goals, within your specific industry.


    When you own a business, you want to make sure that every investment is profitable. The team at BJMédia understands this—we’re a business, too!— and we supply detailed reports that show your website’s traffic and positioning online. You get to see how things evolve and are not left wondering if your web marketing dollars are being well spent.


    You’re busy running your business, so thinking about what and when to do things for your web marketing can quickly become a hassle. When you work with us, we don’t ask for much of your time and effort. Simply provide basic company information and goals, then let us handle the work. Want to be involved? That’s great, too. We’re happy to be in constant contact and collaborate closely with your team, if that’s your preference. The most important thing is adapting our services to your unique situation, and improving your company’s online visibility and performance.

    Let’s talk and we can discuss exactly how you could profit from our work.

These businesses have put their local SEO campaigns into our hands

  • It’s refreshing to do business with such a dynamic and professional team!

    Christine Gorak Peinture et Décor Gorak
  • Ever since BJMédia has started taking care of my website, I’ve noticed an increase in business. I’m very satisfied with their services and recommend them without hesitation.

    Carole Charest
    Carole Charest Attorney

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