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Choose a certified Google Partner

Let’s be honest: you want to impress Google and work by its rules. It’s the best way to improve your visibility. When you choose a certified Google Partner agency, you’re ensuring you’ll have Google experts on your side. A Google certification means that at least two employees have passed the test, AND renew it every year. This keeps Google updates and know-how in the building and supports all campaigns we run for your business. Additionally, we have a Google representative that works with our staff to make sure our campaigns are optimized. Certified Google Partner agencies must submit monthly performance reports and we happily do so. Knowing that Google evaluates how well an agency performs and can revoke the certification, when criteria is not respected, we work diligently to maintain our expertise at all times.


Properly setting your campaigns

With Google, you’re going to pay every time someone clicks on your ad, so let’s make sure the right people are seeing it. If your campaign is properly set, you’ll minimize the amount of clicks coming from non-potential customers. You know, people who don’t want or need your service, and who’ll close your website within seconds when they realize it’s not what they were looking for. These are wasted clicks and money. We’ll avoid that, maximize your investment and work on smart strategies. Reports and follow-ups will also allow us to keep you posted, analyze results and adjust whenever needed!


Constant supervision

It’s easy to set a Google Ads campaign and then leave it on auto-pilot. This isn’t the best way to work. Constant supervision and analysis is crucial to maintain high-performing ads. The team at BJMédia checks your ads regularly. Not only to supervise the budget, but to compare high-performing and weaker ads and adjust keywords accordingly. This way, your campaign performances constantly improve and we don’t miss out on any opportunities. Results and reports are provided monthly, so you can track what’s being done on your behalf.

Why choose BJMédia as your
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Google Partner

    We know we’ve said this before, but choosing a certified Google Partner agency means the people working for you are trained to perform per Google’s ever-changing guidelines, and know exactly what to do, to stretch your advertising dollars. You also get the best of both worlds: a agency-certified Google specialist, plus a Google representative that supports our staff to ensure the best performance possible for your ads.


    Our clients confirm this. Thanks to our expertise in setting and analyzing the performance of Google Ads, we’re able to get better results, with lower budgets. Plus, leads generated through your Google Ads are better qualified!


    BJMédia is a one-stop-shop for web marketing strategies and performance. This matters. You may be spending money on ads, but sending potential customers to a website that’s not optimized, for example, can be counterproductive. Our team understands all the parts and can intervene so every aspect supports the others. Our solutions will ensure your meeting your business goals, using the right tools and putting every opportunity on your side.

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  • A very professional service with great follow-ups.

    Ads were well targeted and we saw a 32% increase over last year’s efforts with another agency, even though we’ve decreased our budget!

    Less money, and better results! We’re very satisfied.

    Thanks to the entire BJMédia team.

    Martine Thibodeau
    Martine Thibodeau Attorney

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