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Consulting services

Decrease operational costs and improve productivity by applying technological solutions to your business needs. This will help you eliminate repetitive tasks, redundant communications, loss of data and information systems that tend to overlap. A business analyst will take the time to understand and analyze your needs and your day-to-day procedures, in order to recommend powerful digital business solutions that will improve your overall performance. Take a first-step today and start saving time and money.

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Zoho One Implementation

Develop optimized sales funnels, create and manage segmented campaigns, automate management procedures and control accounting, all in one place. The Zoho One ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution offers everything listed above, at a fraction of what you would pay for Salesforce or Sage. BJMédia has tried and tested Zoho one, reaping outstanding results. With this in mind, when you choose to go this route for your own business, you’ll be fully supported by knowledgeable, experienced experts. Ready to move forward?

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How can our technological business solutions change your daily operations?

Simon Hénault, owner of White Villas, explains how BJMédia’s expertise helped fine tune and optimize how he manages his properties, and how his occupancy has sky-rocketed thanks to these changes!

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