How White Villas manages
to have one of the highest occupancy rates in the TCI


Client :
White Villas

Business activity:
Villa rentals in the Turks and Caicos



In 2015, Simon Hénault made his dream come true by building a villa on the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos. From the get-go, he trusted BJMédia to create his first website and SEO strategy. The original work has evolved over time, with the company now showcasing 4 gorgeous rental villas, and two others being built for 2020.


  • Get the highest

    occupancy rate possible

  • Increase

    direct website bookings

  • Rent

    at the best rate possible

  • Offer related services

    Car rentals and boat tours.

The issues

  • We had to engage and compel travellers quickly during their decision process. This means 3 to 6 months, prior to their travel dates.
  • Low season can be difficult for the travel industry. We needed to find a simple, efficient way to stay top-of-mind and entice travellers with enticing last-minute deals.
  • Third-party booking agencies or OTAs (online travel agencies) are expensive, and we needed to increase direct bookings, through the company’s website.
  • Competition is fierce for the travel industry. Vacation rentals all want to be present in the Canadian and American markets, with organic SEO. We had to come up with clever ways to be visible and competitive.
  • Travellers traditionally shop many accommodations and destinations at the same time. We had to quickly show why White Villas and the TCI should be their first choice.

Smart solutions we came up with


  • We made it visually appealing and showcased several photos of the villas and the destination.
  • We integrated calls to action, forms and reservations calendars that helped optimize conversion rates.
  • We created the ‘Much More Than a Villa’ concept that distinguishes White Villas from other rentals, while also promoting the various attractions in the TCI.

Organic SEOstrategy

  • Keyword research
  • Content optimization and targeting
  • Technical optimization for the website
  • Content strategy with blog articles
  • Backlinking
  • Lead magnet content created to increase database and engage potential clients (ebooks).

Branding and visibility onsocial media

  • Profile pages for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Publishing relevant content, videos, guides, images and more.
  • Targeted ads for branding, client acquisition and increased followers on the different platforms, by using the lead magnets strategy.

Zoho One
ERP set-up

  • This helped build and develop the client database, with information that can be used to engage customers, according to the actions they’ve performed on the website, or during their booking. By creating market segments, we improve campaigns and results.
  • This greatly improved sales management, accounting and marketing for our client.

A strategy for
Last Minute Deals

  • Everybody loves a deal! This allows us to send special rates that are only applicable for stays within 4 weeks of the reservation. It helps fill occupancy holes and keeps the villas cost-effective.

Results that make competitors jealous!

An occupancy rate 90%

While most accommodations in the Turks and Caicos typically have occupied rooms for an average 32 weeks per year, White Villas boasts a 46-week occupancy rate.

8000 monthly website visits

The White Villas website registered 8000 visits per month in 2019. A 600% increase over last year.

The most popular pages relate to bookings!

The pages with the most views are those that help clients actually book a villa. This is what we call an optimized sales funnel!

A very satisfied customer

  • BJMédia surpassed my expectations. First, they designed and built a website that was tailor-made for our very specific needs. We really wanted to entice visitors. Then we moved on to SEO, and although it was a bit unclear to us at first, when it started to kick into action, we were impressed. After 2 months (which in SEO terms is quite fast, we now know) our site appeared on Google’s first page results for ‘villa turks and caicos’ which is exactly what we wanted. Almost magically, this meant getting thousands of visitors and a great ROI. Thanks to the whole team and you’re invited to our next pool party, in TCI!

    Simon Hénault
    Simon Hénault owner White Villas

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