Cabanon Fortin
increases its monthly visits by 1000!


Client :
Cabanon Fortin

Business activity:
Builds sheds, gazebos and garages




Cabanon Fortin has been building sheds, gazebos and garages for over 30 years. They weren’t satisfied with their Google Ads statistics, so they contacted BJMédia to help boost results.

We recommended a few additional tools that would help spur M. Fortin’s web marketing results, and make better use of the company’s budget. We wanted to give them better organic SEO, meaning higher, more competitive listings. This required a renovated website.


  • Traffic

    Increase visits to the website.

  • Stretching the budget’s reach

    Through improved targeting for advertising campaigns.

  • Positioning

    Appearing ahead of their competitors in Google search results.

  • Easy-to-access information

    Help potential customers find what they need fast, and provide all the necessary details for each product.

What we faced

  • Their previous agency was charging way too much for Google Ads management fees. This meant less budget for their actual ads, plus they were underperforming.
  • Their website wasn’t responsive, so anyone trying to look at it from a mobile phone, couldn’t properly surf the information. This caused visitors to bounce, and go elsewhere.
  • They repeated the same information on many pages, which made Google think they had no unique, relevant content. It was spammy and affected their SEO.
  • Competition was fierce and certain competitors managed to place ahead of them, even locally where, logically, they should have been first.

Smart solutions we came up with

The Google Ads campaigns were completely revised

  • We reset campaigns with precise keywords that would limit the amount of non-relevant clicks on their ads.
  • We set-up an English language campaign.
  • We improved campaign content to increase conversion rates.


  • We gave them a responsive website, meaning it’s easy to visit, regardless of your type of electronic device.
  • We reorganized the content, wrote unique copy and added handy descriptions for all shed types, so customers could find the information they needed.
  • We added forms to make it faster and easier to reply to quote requests from potential customers.
  • We programmed a module that features business hours per season
  • We optimized SEO by adding metatags.

Local and organic
SEO strategy

  • Technical site optimization
  • Keyword research and improved content in French and English
  • Strategic backlinking

The results

Over 1000 new visits per month

We managed to increase the number of website visitors by 45%. This, without having to ask Cabanon Fortin to increase their Google Ads budget!

Among the top 3 on Google*

When you search for sheds, without specifying a region, Cabanon Fortin is systematically among the top 3 search results. In fact, they’re often listed ahead of Rona, Home Depot and other hardware giants!

Saving money on advertising

Resetting Google Ads meant better results, while spending less money. Our client even had to pause his campaigns, before the end of summer, because they had too many requests to fulfill!

What does our client have to say?

  • The team at BJMédia put me at ease and helped us get a new website that is well adapted for search engines and for our business. They’re also always available to supervise and follow-up on our positioning and paid ads. I’m very satisfied with what I see and would recommend their services to anyone who wants results!

    François Fortin
    François Fortin Cabanon Fortin

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* It’s important to note that the results mentioned in our case studies are related to organic listings. Paid advertising strategies are auction-driven and can’t be controlled in the same way. As we write these lines, Cabanon Fortin has been positioned within the top 3 search results for the West Island and surrounding areas. However, organic SEO is an-ongoing, ever-changing reality, and results could vary at any given moment.