How criminal lawyer
Martine Thibodeau
increased business
by 32%


Client :
Martine Thibodeau, attorney

Business activity:
Criminal law


Martine Thibodeau Avocate


Criminal lawyer, Martine Thibodeau, has two locations. One in Vaudreuil, and the other in Valleyfield. Offering 24/7 intervention services for people who get arrested, our client originally began using Google ads to try and reach those that could potentially require her services. This turned out to be expensive and disappointing. Management fees for her campaigns were much too high, while conversion rates were too low. BJMédia was hired to design an efficient, powerful SEO strategy that would improve results.


  • Optimize the budget

    by improving the targeting for their ads.

  • Ensure 24/7 visibility

    To be found quickly and easily by those who are dealing with an arrest.

  • Build trust

    to engage and create a sense of trust and encourage visitors to call.

  • Geo-targeting

    to be visible in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges and Valleyfield areas.

What we faced

  • Management fees

    The management fees required by their previous web marketing agency were so high, that there was little money left over to run the actual Google campaigns.

  • Lack of content

    The Website had very little content and this greatly impacted SEO. Not to mention that potential clients couldn’t find information that would compel them to call.

  • Lack of visibility

    Montreal’s big law firms would always rank in the top spots, even for the cities where our client operates. This greatly affected the overall performance.

Smart solutions we came up with

A new
Google Ads campaign

  • We created a new Google ads campaign with relevant keywords and local targeting.
  • We optimized and kept a watchful eye on campaign performance.


  • We inserted ‘call-to-action’ buttons that improve conversion rates.
  • We created new website pages for each service. This improves positioning (SEO) and offers detailed information to those visiting the site.
  • We created contact pages for each location.

Local and organic
SEO strategies

  • We created and optimized a Google My Business profile for each location.
  • We researched keywords and optimized web content.
  • We wrote and published blog articles that improved credibility and online ranking.
  • We obtained backlinks.

Incredible results

A 32% business increase

Within one year, and with a smaller budget than was previously spent, we were able to increase business for our client by 32%. This is the BEST word-of-mouth we can hope for, and the kind of results we always strive to achieve!

A 500% increase for organic traffic

When comparing numbers for the first 9 months of 2019, with the same period in 2017, we see a 500% increase for organic traffic. 😮

A conversion rate that has almost doubled

Conversions are measured by the amount of visits on the contact pages, the amount of contact forms that were filled out, and incoming calls.

A very satisfied customer

  • A very professional service with great follow-ups.

    Ads were well targeted and we saw a 32% increase over last year’s efforts with another agency, even though we’ve decreased our budget!

    Less money, and better results! We’re very satisfied.

    Thanks to the entire BJMédia team.

    Martine Thibodeau
    Martine Thibodeau Attorney

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