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No matter what type of professional services you offer, whether you’re a lawyer, notary, accountant, physiotherapist, dentist or practitioner at a multidisciplinary clinic, for example, it’s vital for you to be present on the internet and social media. Effectively, your company website functions as a digital showcase. These days, it’s indispensable for growing your clientele. As we’ve indicated in various past blog entries, consumers search for their future service providers on the internet—especially on Google—exactly the same way as they search for products to purchase. What’s more, they’ll look to the reviews of other internet users to help them gauge the quality and specifics of the service.

If you offer professional services, the advantages of having a company website include greater visibility and an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors. As such, a website is a crucial asset!


Six reasons why you should create a website for your professional service company

1️⃣ To establish yourself as an expert in your field

Having a website is good, but to increase your visibility and build your reputation in your professional field, you’ll need to keep that website alive. You must make sure that all of the information is up to date and you must regularly post relevant blog entries. In this way, you’ll demonstrate your commitment and affirm your expertise. Furthermore, internet users will view the quality of the information as an indication of your mastery of your field and your ability to communicate.

2️⃣ To highlight your qualities and those of your team

Present your team to your future clients by emphasizing their expertise and their unique characteristics. In this way, you’ll show that all of your personnel are skilled, qualified and reputable. When prospective customers choose your company, they will undoubtedly base that choice on your expertise and that of your team and not on what pretty eyes you have! On one of the pages of your company website, post a photo, a short bio and an anecdote regarding each member of your team. This will make them more human and more approachable to internet users. Moreover, don’t hesitate to include all certifications and other accreditations, as these are recognized seals of quality.

3️⃣ To share your specifics

As a professional offering your services, you can take advantage of your website to share your positioning, expertise and knowledge. Do you perhaps have a specialty in your field, such as family law if you’re a lawyer, a health clinic for young or future mothers if you’re a doctor or a practice focused on high-level athletes if you’re a physical therapist? Share it! In the vast majority of cases, internet users are searching for a very specific service.

4️⃣ To make the most of word-of-mouth

Most people agree on the importance of seeking the advice of their friends, neighbors and family members before purchasing a product or service. When someone is referred to you, that person will no doubt want to learn more about your services, your specialties and your team before contacting you. Consequently, he or she will go online to search for your website and any reviews of your company. If you have a website, the prospective client will have no trouble finding all of the information he or she needs for reassurance in order to contact you confidently and without reservation.

5️⃣ To answer frequently asked questions

You can do this even before the visitor contacts you! Your website enables you to inform your future customers regarding your profession and certain technical points, for example, how a session unfolds, the basic rates for a treatment, etc. By having an FAQ page on your website, you can proactively answer internet users’ most common questions. For your visitors, this is a guarantee of reliability, professionalism and good quality.

Here’s an example of an effective FAQ page: Clinique Jean Gilbert.

6️⃣ To simplify contact and generate sales leads online

As a professional, you already have a very hectic schedule! However, your website, which contains all of the information regarding your business activity and your team, is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, you can facilitate communications through online appointment systems and contact forms for requesting information or estimates, for example.


A few tips for making your website more effective


Improve your website’s SEO and local referencing

With efficient search engine optimization that specifies the region and city in which you do business, you’ll improve your ranking in Google search results and increase your visibility, thus bettering the odds that new clients will contact you.

Opt for a simple structure and a modern design

Internet users will quickly leave your website if they have trouble finding the information they’re looking for. Therefore, you should favor a simple interface that includes such elements as a modern design demonstrating that you’re on the cutting edge of technology, images that are relevant and positive and direct access to a contact form.

Use responsive website design

These days, a website absolutely must be responsive, i.e. it must be adapted to function properly on any type of screen (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) in order to offer a positive user experience to every visitor. To learn more, check out our blog entry on responsive design.

Include testimonials

This will help you not only in terms of SEO but also in terms of conversions. People looking for professional services are heavily influenced by the comments and impressions of previous clients. Consequently, they see testimonials as proof of your expertise and the quality of your services.


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