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Some time ago, as a business owner, you decided for various reasons to entrust your online visibility to a web agency. You saddled this agency with the grave responsibility of managing and leveraging your online marketing strategy to reach your target audience, improve the loyalty of your clientele and increase your sales. It’s a key element in the development of your company and an integral part of your business strategy. Suffice it to say that, in order to achieve good results, it’s imperative that you choose your agency well.

However, now that some time has passed, you may be wondering whether the agency you work with is really reliable, as you feel that they aren’t doing an optimal job, that it only works intermittently, that the relationship isn’t fluid or perhaps that you’re dissatisfied with various aspects.

If this is the case, you need to react quickly to avoid losing money. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about changing marketing agencies.

Sure, it takes time, but it’s well worth the trouble! Why continue with a collaboration that isn’t getting the job done?


Signs that you should change web agencies

If you aren’t completely sure that your marketing agency is the wrong one for you, here are the main indications that it’s time to make a change:

🚩 They don’t take your needs into account

You’re dissatisfied because the things your marketing agency is doing don’t really correspond to your needs. They haven’t created a personalized marketing strategy that takes your identity and your uniqueness into consideration. As a result, they aren’t meeting all of your expectations. You should be aware that there are numerous factors that come into play when putting together a personalized marketing plan that’s perfectly adapted to your company and that will meet your needs.

🚩 You aren’t getting results

If the results the agency is getting are far from meeting your expectations and goals and if they’re totally unsatisfactory considering the amount of money you’re spending, then the agency isn’t for you. The agency you do business with must be capable of providing the best results based on your objectives and needs by proposing concrete, tailored actions to interact with your target clientele or to increase your online visibility, for example. You should be able to see the initial results of an effective marketing strategy fairly quickly, specifically in the form of increased sales.

🚩 They don’t take your opinions into consideration

Who knows the specifics and the needs of your company better than you, its founder? No one! That’s why, in order to achieve significant results, it’s essential for an agency to listen to you, take your opinions into account and show interest in your plans.

🚩 You don’t get any advice

If you entrust your internet marketing to an agency, it’s so that you can profit from the advice and knowledge of experts in the field. Furthermore, if the agency you do business with never discusses your ideas with you but, instead, is content simply to carry them out without taking their own outside perspective into account, it’s high time for a change!

🚩 It’s difficult or even impossible to communicate with the agency

The project manager at the agency you have a relationship with must be accessible in order to share the information he or she has available. They shouldn’t just speak to you using marketing jargon that you don’t understand. What’s more, response times should be short and your project should progress rapidly.

🚩 Your agency isn’t up to date

Just like Google’s algorithms, technologies change and evolve very quickly, so your marketing agency must be capable of adapting and keeping up with the latest trends, perhaps even anticipating them. Your agency has to be proactive.


What you should demand from a new partnership

Do you think it’s time to switch web agencies? In order to achieve maximum results and enjoy a healthy business relationship, it’s indispensable that you take the time to choose your new agency carefully. Here are some of the criteria you should bear in mind:

  • Their expertise must respond to your needs and business objectives.
  • The agency must be able to take your financial constraints into consideration and build a relevant online marketing strategy to maximize your ROI.
  • Favor a local agency. You’ll be able to meet with them and follow up more rigorously and regularly.
  • Get as much information as you can on their services, their specialties, the knowledge of their experts, etc.
  • Demand total transparency. At all times, you should have a clear view of the actions they are undertaking with regard to your project and the results of those actions.

To learn more about the role of a professional marketing agency, take a look at our article on the topic.

Have you decided to get rid of your old agency and hire a new one with which you can enjoy the best possible relationship? Contact the experts at BJMédia. They’ll be more than happy to talk to you about your project and share all of the specifics regarding their agency.

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